About us

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About Hemant Consultancy

Hemant Consultancy is Authorized TIN Facilitation Centre (Managed by NSDL) Branch 8446. We collect and process Permanent Account Number (PAN) and TAN application forms as well as other Income Tax forms pertaining to Deduction and Collection of Tax at Source (TDS).

We are committed to the quality of design in the support of your prosperity. This single-minded devotion to working with you to meet your needs and desires is your guarantee of satisfaction.

Our Services

 PAN/TAN Application Acceptance
 PAN/TAN Change Request Application Acceptance
 PAN Authorization ( 26 AS)
 E-TDS / E-TCS Return Acceptance
 TDS/TCS Paper Return Acceptance
 Annual Information Return (AIR) Acceptance
 Digitization of Paper Returns
 Preparation of E-TDS/E-TCS/AIR on contract basis